Bruges is a small city near the Flemish coast that counts about 20,000 people within the city walls. From the very first moment you enter Bruges, you will be completely enchanted by the picturesque streets and squares and the countless chocolate and lace shops.

In this article we will discuss 4 things for which Bruges is very famous: beer, chocolate, lace and chips.


Bruges is known for its medieval appearance, chocolate and of course beer. You can buy this divine drink at almost every street corner. Try out many varieties because each variety is a different experience.

Bruges has several breweries of which the Halve Maan is the best known, if you are interested in how beer is brewed you should definitely book a guided tour! The beer museum is also highly recommended!

Some city beers: Bruges Zot, Bruges Tripel, Fort Lapin, Straffe Hendrik, …

Bruges has several cafes where you can get 100 or more types of beer, don’t you know which one to choose? The pub owner will be happy to help you and later in the evening he will even share the stories of the beer with you.

Local tip: Don’t miss a walk inside café Vlissinghe, this is the oldest café in Bruges and exists for more than 500 years.


mmm the thought of chocolate alone makes you drool with desire, but you’re lucky! In Bruges you have countless chocolate shops and even chocolate experts!

Take a walk inside a small chocolate shop, take a look around, taste and take a box of real Bruges chocolate with you for people at home, you will see that they will love it!

Why not sniff chocolate? At master chocolatier Dominique Persoone it’s possible! Do just like the Rolling Stones and sniff some of that cocoa straight into your nose.

Would you like to know more about the origin and manufacturing of chocolate? Then visit Choco-Story, the chocolate museum in Bruges.

Local tip: Be sure to visit Dominique Persoone’s The Chocolate Line on Simon Stevinplein!


You certainly still know the white table pieces at your grandparents or parents’ home, Bruges became world famous for the quality of its lace industry. At a certain point in history, ¾ of the women were making lace.

Everywhere in Bruges you will find small cosy shops where you can still buy authentic Bruges lace. In some shops you are even lucky to see how they make your piece!

Give your parents or grandparents a piece of Bruges lace, they will be so happy.

Local tip: Visit the lace centre

French fries

Fries or we Bruggelingen sometimes call them airy crunchy gold, this delicacy is world famous and has put our country on the world map.

In Bruges we love fries and you can get them almost everywhere, if it’s not in a restaurant it’s in a real frietkot.

If you want to eat french fries in Bruges then you should definitely visit the green restaurants on the market. The green restaurants? In Bruges’ vernacular, the two small green french fries shops on the market square are called the green restaurants.

De Bruggeling is so fond of fries that we even have a museum for them! The Frietmuseum can be found in the Vlamingstraat and is definitely worth a visit.

Local tip: If you go to the green restaurants, look at the belfry and take the left stand.



Brouwerij de Halve Maan


Chocolate Line



Would you like more information about Bruges or what you can do there? Then be sure to visit: https://www.visitbruges.be/