When you say Bruges, you immediately think of the iconic market with its beautiful belfry.

The belfry is the most important tower in Bruges, is 83 metres high and houses a carillon with no less than 47 bells.

If you challenge yourself to the 366 steps then your effort will undoubtedly be rewarded! While you walk to the top you can stop in the treasury, in this room in the Middle Ages the city labels, the city seal and the city treasury were kept.

When you climb further you get a breathtaking view of the Breydelstad and its surroundings, give your eyes a good meal!

Belfries in Flanders bear witness to the late medieval self-awareness of the cities. They are also one of the oldest examples of medieval civil and public architecture. From 1999 they were recognised as world heritage by UNESCO.

Mission: try to find La maison de Nathalie at the top.

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