Bruges is a very famous city all known over the world but there are things you probably don’t know yet!

Here you have 10 did you know that:

Did you know that….

1. … in the city centre of Bruges about 20,000 people live and every year 2,000,000 tourists come! Almost nowhere in the world is this ratio so high!
2. … the famous Hollywood film ‘In Bruges’ was largely shot in Bruges.
3. … the oldest stock exchange building in the world in Bruges is located
4. … you knew that the belfry has 366 steps
5. … did you know that Bruges used to be by the sea?
6. …. Bruges is on the Unesco World Heritage List
7. …. did you know that Bruges has the only dolphinarium in Belgium
8. … you knew that part of the blood of Jesus Christ is kept in Bruges
9. … you knew that Bruges was home to great Flemish primitives such as Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling
10. … you knew that Bruges has a fries museum, chocolate museum and a beer museum!